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Specialty Wire Ways - High durability floor safety wire duct
Floor Guard™ - Floor Guard offers the maximum protection for wires and cable along with safety for pedestrian traffic. The easy step design cushions stepping while leaving the wire way compartment undisturbed. The cushioning action helps to reduce accident due to tripping.

Floor Guard is available in two sizes, three lengths and four colors. Custom colors and lengths are available upon request.
Slotted Wire Duct - Restricted slot design allows wires to be added or removed quickly slots are designed to retain inserted wire. Base has slotted holes for mounting and scored sides for easy tab removal. PVC rated to 85° C.

Standard color is Gray, but Black, white and custom color are also available. Cover included stocked in 4 sizes 1"x 1", 2"x2", 3"x3", 4"x4", Stock length is 6 1/2' other sizes and lengths available by request.
Spiral Tubing - Wire TrakT Closed Gap Spiral Cut Tubing is produced using a blended polyethylene compound. The material is pliable yet retains its form keeping the gap closed tight.

Spiral tubing is available in 3 different diameter sizes, 6 standard and 3 florescent colors. Custom colors and lengths are available upon request. 
*additional product and product specs arriving soon.

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