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April 02, 2010 - Wire Trak Roll Form Raceway a Coil Based Self Forming Wiring Duct

Wire Trak™ Roll form raceway


Coil Based Self Forming Raceway

rnFrom a 20 inch dispenser box pull up to 100 feet of completely formed raceway ready for use. No waste, use only what you need.
rnPush the extra raceway back though the forming/recoil device and it recoils itself back in the box ready for next time.
rnThe Wire Trak Raceway on a roll exterior is visually and dimensionally identical to the other latching duct models of the series, and is compatible with all series fittings and components.
rnThe Wire Trak™ patented forming/recoil device comes installed in every dispenser box.
rnDispenser boxes may be reloaded again and again. Forming/recoil devices and bulk refill coils are color coded for fast and easy reloads.
rnWire Trak™ wire and cable management on a roll is stocked in white and beige. Wire Trak may be also be painted, and is made from UL 94 VO rated material and meets requirements for low voltage applications only.
rnWire Trak™ Raceway on a roll is available in standard sizes (¾ w X ½ h) (1 w X ½ h) (1 ½ w X ¾ h) and is dispensed with a peel and stick adhesive mounting system.
rnUse Wire Trak Raceway on a roll alone for long seamless runs or quick on the spot installations. Wire and cable management has never been so easy. Use our complete line of fittings and components for an organized cable installation.
February 22, 2010 - News About Alpha Trakô- Manufactured in the USA Since 1949 Fram Trak Industries Alpha Plastics Division

Alpha plastics of Livingston NJ started producing PVC wire enclosures in 1949 The Alpha Trim products went through a   retooling and manufacturing upgrade in 1992 and manufacturing was moved to our Middlesex facility 1994. The line was expanded in 1997. As of 2002, a complete redesign and retooling program was underway to create the Alpha Trak extreme environment line of products. 2004 another product expansion to include packaged kits and components. 2009-2010 we are introducing additional products and materials for new applications.    

Long since proven in thousands of industrial applications, Alpha Trak™ products are a valuable addition to  the electrical utilities, cable TV and Telecom Industries. Ground wire, flanged guards and Solid rectangular duct are now stocked and available in black, white, beige, dark brown, redwood and light gray. Stock sizes range from ½" to 3" in width and 8' in length.

May 15, 2009 - Press Release - February 19, 2004

Wire Trak™ is proud to announce that we were issued a 5A Power Rating by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for high voltage. To be specific, our UL control numbers are 62DB for Surface Nonmetallic Raceways and 11NC for Surface Nonmetallic Raceway Fittings. Contact the Wire Trak™ Distributor in your local area for our products or send an inquiry to us via our Website at, fax us at (732) 424-8811 or call our Customer Service Manager, Debbie Myers at (732) 424-8400. We will gladly supply the name of our nearest Distributor. Note that our already low prices remain the same. We look forward to meeting your Raceway needs.

May 15, 2009 - Wire Trakô - Products Meet UL 5A Specifications for 600 Volt Applications

Raceway systems, made from a UL listed material, are not rated for 600-volt applications. Check your application requirements and ask the questions "Does the raceway system carry a UL 5A specification?" Our products meet the spec!

May 15, 2009 - Wire Trakô Cord Coverô- Low Cost One-Piece Raceway

Cord Cover raceways are of a low cost one piece design that offers clean lines when aesthetics are the main requirement. The Cord Cover was also designed with quick installation in mind. The cord is slipped under a flexible tab located on the lower side of the raceway.

Its profile measures 3/4" W by 1/2" H and is stocked in 3 colors and 2 lengths. The Cord Cover is compatible with all the 375 series accessories.

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